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We offer several free corespondance courses, to aid with your quest for better understanding God, and his word. There are 5 categories to choose from. when making your request, choose which series you would like, making sure to complete the mailing information correctly so that we can mail them to you promptly.


upon recieving your first course, follow along using your bible, and fill out each question based upon your studies of the lesson. Mail them back to us, and we will grade them, where we will send you back your test results along with the next lesson in the series.


You may cancel these lessons at anytime simply by submitting a wish to cancel notice either by mail or e-mail.


the series are as follows:


Studies in the Bible - 30 Lessons

Into All the World - 10 Lessons

The Christian Way - 10 Lessons

Jesus by John - 10 Lessons

Foundations of the Faith - 30 Lessons




Phone number: 920-457-3232

E-mail Us jwatson@communitycofc.com


Sheboygan Community Church of Christ
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